Hello there, I'm Nicklas Ridewing

I'm a developer.

About me

My name is Nicklas Ridewing, and I’m a developer with over 7 years of working experience in web development.

I’m currently working in Stockholm for Isotop as a System developer. More specifically, I work with frontend development in a team with main focus on our client Nobia.

Outside of Isotop, I work on a few project of my own, many of which I’m writing about in my blog. I also spend a lot of time working out and think that it has a very positive effect both on my well-being and my creativity

Take a look at my work or follow me on Twitter.

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My Timeline

Dec 1988


Dec 1995

First computer


Wrote my first line of code

Jun 2007

Graduated High School

Dec 2008

Started my own web company

Jan 2010

Web developer at X-Com

Feb 2015

System developer at Isotop

May 2017

Developer at Furillo

Blog posts

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The Travel (Working title)

So as I wrote in the previous blog post, I’m working on a game. The working title for the game is now set to “The Travel” and why that is I’ll keep as a secret for now....

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Defold - A game engine

Most of you probably never heard of a game engine called Defold. It’s a 2d game engine developed by King, which is made so that you...

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