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I’m a developer with over 7 years of working experience in web development. My main area has for the last 5 years been in back-end and front-end programming.

My working experience is very wide, were one week I can be developing HTML5 games for Logitech to launch their new gaming mouse and the next week I can be working on the back-end application for Unibet to power their latest iOS/Android application.

The last year or two has been focused more towards front-end development. My current employment is at Isotop AB, where my role as a system developer has focus a lot on front-end development and working mostly with a single client and with a lot of focus on a single product.

From my years working as a developer I’ve gained a lot of experience working with big clients that have very high standards and high expectations. Cherry Casino, Sandvik, Logitech, Unibet, NBA Europe, BNP Paribas, Burger King, Nobia and 3 to mention a few of the client I’ve worked with in the last years.

I have a passion to always give that extra touch to the user experience

I really enjoy working with both front-end and back-end development and I have a passion to always give that extra touch to the user experience and I really enjoy fine tuning animations and transitions. And since my previous jobs have included a lot of back-end programming I have no trouble understanding the connection between front-end and back-end, in fact in most cases I’m the one doing the connections.

I spend a lot of my free time working on private projects, which includes everything between PHP applications to iOS games. Lately, I’ve been interested in trying out different approaches on iOS game development and I’ve tested both 3D and 2D game engines/frameworks. To list a few, I’m familiar with Unity 3D, where I did my programming in C#, and 2D solutions have included Cocos2D, Cocos2Dx, which are using C++ and Objective-C.

I’ve also done some game development for the web and I’ve been working both with canvas element without any rendering library, writing all the rendering and UI myself, just for the experience and knowledge of how things are done before relying on 3rd-party libraries. Except working with canvas I’ve developed games with just html elements and css3 animations.

I enjoy to challenge myself by using new techniques and languages

Learning new programming languages has never been something difficult for me, I enjoy to challenge myself by using new techniques and languages. Some of the languages and techniques I’ve been using with in the last year: PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, LESS, Typescript, C++, C#, node.js, parse.com, as3, Objective-C and Swift.

Except for programming I like to spend my free time with my girlfriend who I live together with in Eskilstuna. I also enjoy going to the gym, I really like exercising and I think that it has a very positive effect both on my well-being and my creativity.

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