Defold - A game engine

2015-10-29 08:46

Most of you probably never heard of a game engine called Defold. It’s a 2d game engine developed by King, which is made so that you easily can deploy your game to 6 different platforms including iOS, Android, Mac OSX, Windows, Linux and HTML5, with the same code and the same content. And it’s free.

Defold gives you the ability to create games cross platform and you can test the games instantly on your device over Wi-Fi. It’s also a engine with speed in mind. It’s super fast.

LUA Lang

The engine is written in C++ but when you’re developing your game you will be writing your code in Lua. Lua is a really easy language to learn and you will be up and running within a very short amount of time if you have experience in any language like JavaScript, C or Python.

I’ve just started to dig into Defold and from what I’ve seen so far, I’m really exited to get started with some wacky game projects in the following months.



The engine is still in beta but have been used by King to produce several app store ready games already. I have a few beta keys to give away so hit me up with a comment if you want one.

So in the following month my goal is to spend some time developing a game with the Defold engine. So stay tuned for more info about my game project and the Defold 2d game engine.

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