Native iOS application

A swedish commuter service. Teamed up with a co-worker we wanted to create a simple yet smart application to make commuting by train a lot simpler and nicer. The biggest issue with existing services is that you always have to put in where you want to go and where you’re traveling from. This was something we thought was very annoying since for the most of the time you are commuting between the same two locations. We started out by creating a web application since none of us had any experience developing native apps for iOS.

pendla-2But I also wanted to give it a shoot and create a simple native application prototype to try out Apples new language, Swift. So i started out with a kind of similar layout, just adjusted for a more native feel. I used the same backend logic as the web app so there was just the app that needed some development. Some weeks later (this was a private project developed after my job in my spare time) the first version of the app was published to the App Store.

After some great feedback from some of the users, I was really excited to start working on the next version. I had some fun ideas I wanted to try.


Version 1.1 was born

Next up was to upgrade the design of the app, my former co-worked helped me out with a more “native” design and a lot of other small improvements were made to make the next version better. The whole backend for the native application was rebuild since we now could display a lot more information in a much nicer way.

Version 1.2 on it’s way

In the upcoming version I’ve spent a lot of time on optimization. I have learned a lot since I stared developing this app in a native language and I’m still learning. A big focus in this version was to enable push notification for alert messages sent out but the train companies. Also reminders will use local push notifications to remind you when it’s time to leave for the train. This version will also support Apple Watch app.

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